After criticizing ‘timed-out’ Angelo Mathews, Indian bowler removes the post.

Kane Williamson

On day 41 of the main event in Bengaluru, after being the first batter to be time out in international cricket at the ICC World Cup 2023, Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka briefly conversed with Kane Williamson of New Zealand. When Matthews, an experienced all-rounder, went to bat for the 1996 world champions in their last World Cup match at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium on Thursday, Mathews was taunted by New Zealand players Trent Boult and Williamson.

India pacer lambasts ‘timed-out’ Angelo Mathews, then deletes post

After Mathews was out against Bangladesh. The great cricket player was critisize by India pacer Jaydev Unadkat, notwithstanding their amusing moment on the cricket pitch. Pace sensation Unadkat criticized Matthews in a widely shared post that the Indian star has since removed. He said that Mathews isn’t prepared to face his first ball in the first two minutes as per the ICC tournament regulations. The batter from Sri Lanka was having trouble with his helmet strap and motioned for a replacement. This allowed Bangladesh, captained by Shakib Al Hasan, to file an appeal for a “time out” dismissal.

When the Sri Lankan hitter went in to bat against Bangladesh. Match umpire Richard Illingworth reportedly told Mathews he had 30 seconds remaining, according to a report submitted by ESPNCricinfo. That’s why it’s important to hear both sides of an issue before drawing judgments or assigning blame. This is not your backyard where you can kick back; this is a cricket field. The Indian pacer stated, “If Mathews expect sportsmanship, show some yourself first. (By getting the umpire’s permission to change the equipment and not just walking off the pitch as if you don’t care).” Internet users have been captivated by Unadkat’s since-deleted remark as Sri Lanka is playing New Zealand. Sri Lanka loose to Bangladesh in that match.

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